Yellowfin Tuna Fishing in Costa Rica

Catch the Rare Yellowfin Tuna Fish and Make Your Costa Rica Fishing Tour Memorable

Costa Rica has some of the most beautiful seas with colorful fishes in the world. If you are an avid angler, Costa Rica should be on top of your go-to list. It has tons of fishing species, most of which will mesmerize with their color and size. Yellowfin Tuna, for one, is one of the fishes you shouldn’t miss. They are the big boys when it comes to the main tuna species. Many Costa Ricans call them ahi because of their big eyes.

Yellow fin in Quepos

Weight and features

The yellowfin tuna is one of the bigger tuna species with weights reaching more than 400 lbs. But how will you determine whether it is a yellowfin tuna or some other fish species? Here are a few features that differentiate yellowfin tuna from the others.

  • It is significantly bigger than other fishes in Costa Rica. Look for fishes with a massive body. In most cases, they turn out to be yellowfin tunas.
  • Apart from their size, you should also keep an eye on its anal fin and second dorsal fin. These are bright yellow, giving them their name “yellowfin tuna.” Even the finlets between their tail and dorsal fins are yellow. Their fin color allows fishermen to identify them from afar.
  • The anal fins and second dorsal fins are significantly longer than other fishes. These fins reach their tail, making them look like scimitars or sickles.
  • Many people confuse yellowfin tuna with bluefin tuna. Apart from their color difference, the former also have longer pectoral fins.
  • Their main body is dark metallic blue that changes to silver in their belly region. The body has approximately twenty vertical lines, making them stand out from other species.

Catching yellowfin tuna

As already mentioned, yellowfin tunas can weigh more than 400 lbs. Therefore, prepare to test your legs and back and also your fishing skills. Luckily, not all yellowfin tuna weigh 400 lbs. Most of them in the Costa Rican waters are smaller and lighter. They travel in massive schools, making it easier to spot them. The bigger variants usually swim with dolphins.

Costa Rica fishing charters conduct fishing tournaments every year. You can make the most of your fishing skills this year by going to one of these Costa Rica fishing trips. Remember, these fishes move very fast. You need to have immense patience if you only want to catch yellowfin tuna. Some anglers hook smaller tunas to catch other fishes while waiting for a school of yellowfins to arrive.

Moreover, you will have very little time to capture your prey as soon as they fall for your bait. Make sure you pull rapidly with all your strength to net your prized possession. Sportfishing in Costa Rica has become widely popular, thanks to this colorful fish. Many anglers consider yellowfin tuna as a prize for their relentless efforts.

Now that you know all about yellowfin tunas, pack your bags for the next Costa Rica fishing tour. Make it a trip of a lifetime by catching these beautiful, colorful fish.

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