Quepos Pez Vela Marina Costa Rica

Tourists from all over the world coming here, in Quepos, start their day in the Marina, whether they come to board a fishing boat or a catamaran tour. This Marina offers the best boats that offer a wide range of recreational activities at sea. It is one of the main tourist centers in this area, a node where lots of people come to find the best things to do during their vacations here.

When the evening comes, the Marina Pez Vela becomes the perfect spot for couples, families, and even solo travelers to come and relax by the sea, enjoy the nightlife, have dinner at one of the fish restaurants, and listen to good music.

Types of Fish in Quepos & Marina Pez Vela

Sailfish caught in Costa Rica


Sailfish is the most commonly encountered fish species in Quepos, Costa Rica. Anglers coming here from all over the world are happy with their fishing experience. Even though Sailfish can be found all year round, its peak season is December – April.


The Marlin season is from September to November. You’ll also find Blue Marlin and Black Marlin, but these species are further away from the shore than the Sailfish.


All year round, you’ll find tuna ranging between 15 and 200 pounds.


The dorado is a tasty fish but also very difficult to capture and a very sought-after dish around the world. It can be found year-round, but its peak season is in May.

Rooster Fish

Roosterfish is one of the most appreciated catches in this area. Quepos, Costa Rica is one of the best places to find Roosterfish and try your fishing skills at catching some.

Marina Pez Vela Fishing Charters

Marina Pez Vela Fishing Charters provides Top-Notch Offshore Fishing, as well as Deep Sea and Inshore Fishing Charters to anglers who choose Quepos or Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica for their fishing adventures.

Whether you prefer to book an offshore fishing charter or an inshore fishing trip, our luxury fishing boats are waiting to take you to the exquisite fishing adventure you’re always longed for.

Our fishermen have a wealth of experience in yacht tourism here in Quepos, Costa Rica. Over 20 years ago, there was no marina here. All our boats were there, near that small pier. We had to use a panga to move tourists from the pier to the boat. It was an adventure and everybody loved it, locals and tourists alike.

Even so, fishermen still came to Quepos for their fishing adventures. They were happy to put up with this minor inconvenience in order to experience world-class fishing off Manuel Antonio, Quepos.

The fishing is still a great experience, but today fishermen use the world class marina that has replaced the old pier.

Fishing Tournaments

Marina Pez Vela hosts some of the most important International Bill Fish Tournaments. We take pride in having both our luxury fishing yachts take part in the 2015 Offshore World Championship Tournament.

This top-notch, modern marina is a tourist objective in itself, and it is definitely worth a visit.

Marina Pez Vela boasts the largest travel lift in Costa Rica. This equipment can pull even the largest boats out of the water. The Marina Pez Vela also offers full boatyard services to those who need them. This boatyard is modern and fully equipped with all devices you may need to take care of your boat. You can use this yard to paint the bottom of your boat, to clean or replace the propellers, or simply to perform routine maintenance tasks.

Whatever equipment you need, you’ll find it here, at the Marina Pez Vela shipyard. All employees are knowledgeable and customer-oriented, and they are eager to help you. They all speak English, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to communicate with them. This Marina is a real gem that adds value to the tourism and boat industry in Quepos, Costa Rica.

A True Paradise for Any Fishing Enthusiast

Apart from offering top-notch services to boat owners, this Marina is also home to a wide range of restaurants that serve tasty meals prepared with fresh ingredients and using local and international recipes. These restaurants offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as a lot of drinks and other refreshments.

If you are planning a vacation and love fishing, coming to Costa Rica is definitely an experience you will not regret. Contact us today to learn more about our affordable fishing packages that fit all types of budgets.

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