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Five-Star Pacific Ocean Fishing

The warm and rich waters of the Pacific Ocean along Costa Rica's coastline attract many different types of fish all year long.
The numerous feeder fish and plankton attract predatory fish species that sport anglers enjoy catching. The iconic blue and black marlin, the porpoise-loving yellowfin tuna, and the glittery, acrobatic mahi-mahi or dorado are all available offshore.

Home to a wide variety of fish species, Costa Rica boasts 84 IGFA world records for dorado, snook, and snapper. Los Suenos alone holds IGFA records for roosterfish, sailfish, and marlin.

Inland and Freshwater Fishing

Costa Rica's landscape is dotted with waterways, from lakes to lagoons to rivers that stretch hundreds of miles. If you prefer freshwater fishing, then you'll be glad to know that snook (the current IGFA record holder), guapote (a leopard-spotted cichlid), and tarpon (as big as 200 pounds) are all available. The waters - both offshore and inland - in Costa Rica are all teeming with fish, and that's why the country is considered the angler's paradise.

Fishing in Costa Rica

Yellowfin Tuna Fishing in Costa Rica

Catch the Rare Yellowfin Tuna Fish and Make Your Costa Rica Fishing Tour Memorable Costa Rica has some of the most beautiful seas with colorful fishes in the world. If...
Fishing in Costa Rica

Wahoo Fishing in Costa Rica

Noted for being among the quickest fish in the water, catching a wahoo is easier said than done. It requires the right technique, skill, and equipment to ensure the trip...

Tarpon Fishing in Costa Rica

Tarpon fish is a well-renowned saltwater sport fish with unique migrations and habits. This type of fish is often found in Costa Rica and is one of the more sought...

Snook Fishing in Costa Rica

The allure of snook fishing draws thousands of people to Costa Rica each year. This is a fascinating species that is well-regarded worldwide for its great-tasting meat. Also known as...
Villa Mono Loco at Los_Suenos

Snapper Fishing in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is home to a wide array of snapper species including the Mullet, Yellow, Cubera, Rock, Pacific Red, and Spotted Rosy Snapper to name a few. This is one...
Fishing Boats in Costa Rica

Sailfish Fishing in Costa Rica

The sailfish is a captivating sight as it streams around in Costa Rican waters. It has an alluring presence as it whips around and makes its presence felt. When it...
Fishing Boats in Costa Rica

Roosterfish Fishing in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a dream come true when it comes to fishing and enjoying the warm water. One of the most prized game fish in the world is the roosterfish...
Marlin Fishing in Costa Rica

Marlin Fishing in Costa Rica

When it comes to big-time fishing, there's nothing more exhilarating than catching a marlin. This is one of the most challenging types of fish to catch in the open water....

Mackerel Fishing in Costa Rica

When it comes to catching the most aesthetically appealing fish in Costa Rican waters, there is nothing more fascinating than the mackerel. This is a type of fish that appeals...
Los Suenos Fishing Trips

Amazing Costa Rica Dorado Fishing Charter

Costa Rica is widely renowned for having some of the best sports fishing in the world, and that reputation is well deserved! The saltwater fishing off Costa Rica's coasts is...

Considering that it's also known as "Rich Coast," it's no surprise to learn that Costa Rica has some of the best coastal sport and deep-sea fishing in the world. It is worth noting that there are over 80 IGFA world record fish caught in Costa Rica. Big sailfish in both the Caribbean and Pacific include blue and black marlin, and you can also pursue snapper, mackerel, grouper, corvina, roosterfish, and wahoo. Barra del Colorado offers a variety of light tackle game fish, snook, and Atlantic tarpon at the point where the Rio Colorado River empties into the Caribbean Sea.

While Costa Rica's blue water fishing experience is renowned worldwide, very few people know Costa Rica's inland rivers and lakes offer out-of-this-world freshwater fishing.

You probably have never heard of mojarra, jaguar guapote, and the machaca (Costa Rica's piranha family representative), but experienced fishing guides from the area know where you can find them.

Fishing Tournaments

Many fishing enthusiasts get surprised when they learn that the country's high mountain streams offer exemplary fly casting for rainbow trout. If you love fishing and are planning on spending some time in Costa Rica, remember to carry your reel and rod and plan to go on a mountain fishing excursion during your stay.

Striped, blue, and black marlin swim along with dorado, wahoo, and yellowfin and bluefin tuna. Snapper, grouper, wahoo, and roosterfish are plentiful around the rocks, reefs, and islands near the shore.

Fortunately, there are plenty of fishing charters along both coasts that offer fishing trip excursions to those interested. The cost of hiring a full boat charter ranges from around $800 USD to over $4,500 USD a day.


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