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The Southern Zone of Costa Rica is home to the protected and pristine Golfo Dulce which is located just off of the Pacific ocean. The Golfito Bay port offers a world-class sportfishing experience which includes a first-rate natural harbor and stunning tropical surroundings which include picturesque beaches, brackish estuaries, mountainous rainforests, and rugged coastlines. The local waters here are ideal for in-shore and off-shore fishing.

Golfito beach in Costa Rica

Golfito Sportfishing In Costa Rica

Whether it is rock fishing off of Matapalo, fly fishing at the mouths of a river or taking a blue water adventure to fish “the fads,” whatever your desire is the Captains of the Golfito area are highly accomplished at locating the fish and making things happen.

Grouper, Wahoo, Dorado, Yellow Fin Tuna, Sailfish, and Blue Marlin – are all for the taking offshore. The inshore favorites are Yellow Tail, Snook, Amber Jack, Roosterfish, and Snapper. Most of the fun is “Catch and Release.” However, there are many anglers who are also take home plenty of fish for the table also. Local marina restaurants will gladly cook your catch for you. Nearby vacation rentals provide fully furnished kitchens for those angles who like to cook their own meals.

High speed chartered boats come with professional captains and full gear. Typically included are a local fishing license, cold beverages, snacks, and lunch.

The standard boat capacity ranges from 1-3 fishermen. However for larger groups and added comforts that are luxury vessels that are available. Rates Vary.

Get started with your exciting Golfio fishing adventure by checking out the area’s leading independent captain.

There are deep roots to Costa Rica’s Golfito sportfishing.

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By road, Golfito is approximately 250 kilometers from San Jose, with a majority of the route passing through some of Costa Rica’s most beautiful areas. From San Jose, it is a 55-minute commuter flight.

Great fishing potential in Golfito

Charter a Costa Rica fishing trip in the Golfito area. The United Fruit Company during the 1930s opened up the Golfito port on the west side of Golfio Dulce in order to export banana. During the 1950s, at the peak, 90% of Costa Rica’s banana exports went through the Golfito port.

However, United Fruit discovered that growing bananas were more profitable in lower-salaried and less developed countries in South America and ended up closing its operations in Golfito which resulted in the area stagnating.

Best Costa Rica offshore/inshore fishing combination

Come to the Golfito area to fish. There is no other part of Costa Rica – and very few other parts of the world – that offer a better offshore/inshore fishing combination. The Golfito area encompasses Puerto Jimenez and Golfito within the Golfo Dulce, north along the Drake Bay coast and south headed towards the border of Panama with the amazing inshore/offshore saltwater sportfishing combination found off of the coast of the South Pacific.

A dozen Snapper species

When anglers come to enjoy a Golfito fishing adventure they can catch every inshore and offshore species that can be found in Costa Rican water. Over a dozen Snapper species alone are available.

Local skilled sportfishing captains in Costa Richa have made the Golfito area one of the major sportfishing destinations in Costa Rica and has resulted in the town booming.

Usually the billfish Golfito fishing season peaks at an earlier time than it does in the Central Pacific area. By mid or end of November, after the rains have stopped, anglers traveling to Golfito to enjoy a Costa Rica sportfishing charter will find plenty of Sailfish, along with a good number of Blue Marlin, by going about 10 miles south of Golfo Dulce, or traveling north towards Drake Bay along the Pacific Ocean coast Striped and Black Marline have a tendency to come out a little later on. Also, Yellowfin Tuna arrive earliest in Golfito.

Inshore anglers love Golfito fishing. At all times of the year, anglers visiting Costa Rica to fish can expect to be able to catch large Roosterfish; small Barracuda and Shark; Mackerel; Jack; Pompano; Group and numerous Snapper family species including Spotted Rosy, Mullet, Red, Colorado, and Cubera.

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