Guanacaste Fishing Charters

Welcome to Papagayo, a paradise for sport fishing. It is located in Playas del Coco, along the Gulf of Papagayo, and just 20 minutes from Daniel Oduber International Airport. You will find few better places to enjoy sport fishing charters all year round than the Gulf of Papagayo. The waters are not only pristine but also fertile; the average fish size ranges from 80 and 150 pounds.

Papagayo is renowned all over the world as the home of big Blue and Striped Marlin, Sailfish, Roosterfish, Yellowfin tuna, Bulk mahi-mahi, Mackerel, and Amberjack. As a sportfishing paradise, you can expect a fun, thrilling, and adrenaline-filled experience, epitomizing the spirit of Costa Rica.

Guanacaste in Costa Rica

Aside from fishing, you have over 200 kilometers of pristine beaches characterized by warm and crystal clear water. Some of the must-visit beaches include Conchal beach, Flamingo beach, Ocotal beach, Tamarindo beach, El Job beach wherein you find renowned resorts such as the Dreams las Mareas and Matapalo beach which is home to the Playa Blanca ta Four Seasons and Rui Guanacaste Resort.

There are also spectacular sunsets to enjoy at the beach from any corner of the Gulf of Papagayo. With the soothing sound of crashing subtle waves in the background and the birds singing in the background, you can rest assured a sunset at the Gulf of Papagayo is memorable.

As for our charters, we aim to complement your experience throughout the trip. We only have experienced crew and captains, which goes a long way in giving you a fishing charter of a lifetime. We guarantee an excellent and memorable sportfishing experience without compromising your safety. Whether you are a novice or a professional in sport fishing, you are welcome to enjoy and some fishing in the Gulf of Papagayo.

Guanacaste Fishing Season

Herein are some of the most sort after sport fishing species in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. While there are no tarpon or snook, there is a potential to catch a 40 or 50 pounder roosterfish or a good-sized sailfish.

Check the best time of the year to catch each species when you visit the Gulf of Papagayo, Tamarindo, or Flamingo on your next fishing trip to your next fishing trip.

Ensure you practice catch and release of all billfish species and all non-migratory species including amberjack, cubera, and rooster.

Mahi Mahi Fishing

A beloved, colorful, and delicious is most abundant in the period spanning from late May all through to mid-October. During this period, the seasonal rains flood the rivers, sweeping the debris to the shoreline to form the trash lines Dorado love lying on. To increase your chances of hooking one, just troll past a floating log.

Dorado – mahi mahi fishing in Papagayo

Roosterfish Fishing

It is possible to catch a rooster all round the year as Roosterfish is a non-migratory fish. However, the best time to catch this species is from May to early November. Roosterfish is a non-migratory species that habitats this region. To increase your chances of hooking a Roosterfish, you should use live bait. However, other factors such as water temperature and the presence of clouds (cloudiness bodes well for catching fish) can influence your chances.

Cubera Snapper

The Pacific Coast has several species of Snapper. You can hook the Snapper Cubera all year round. However, the best time of year to catch this type of fish is during the rainy mothers of June up to November. During these months, it is common to catch a 50 to 80 pounds fish.

Feeding habits: The Cubera Snapper is opportunistic bottom feeders. As such, it consumes a variety of crabs, shrimp, and small fishes.

Season for Wahoo

The best time to fish for Wahoo in Guanacaste is from May to September, with a peak season being August. You can find this fish species around the Bat and Catalina islands and rocky points. However, during peak season, you can catch the fish offshore as well as deep in the Gulf of Papagayo.

Sailfish Fishing In Guanacaste

You can fish for sailfish all year round with the peak season spanning from May through to August. The toughest time to fish for this species is from September to late October and early November.

Marlin Fishing in Guanacaste

The Blue Marlin is present in abundant numbers. As such, you can fish for Blue Marlin throughout the year with the highest catch being from mid-November to March. The hardest months to catch a Blue Marlin is from early April to early June.

Yellowfin Tuna

The peak season for Yellowfin tuna fishing is June through October. However, you can expect to catch a tuna any time of year should you be unsuccessful in catching the other fish species as a small live bait is effective at catching the fish. Yellowfin tuna, as well as some Bigeye, are found in Catalina Islands, 30 minutes from the beach.

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