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Los Sueños Resort and Marina is the ideal place to enjoy offshore and inshore fishing. Costa Rica’s waters are home to tasty dorado, huge yellowfin tuna, as well as an impressive variety of big Pacific sailfish you won’t be able to find anywhere else. The truth is that Costa Rica has one of the best billfish fisheries worldwide. The calm waters and the short rides required to get to the fishing grounds make Costa Rica one of the most sought-after big game fishing destinations on the planet.

Los Suenos Fishing Trips

Those seeking memorable sportfishing adventures will find everything they need in Los Sueños Resort and Marina. The charter fleet here is certified by the Ministry of Tourism in Costa Rica.

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Inshore fishing is as good as offshore fishing, offering awesome opportunities to catch 50 lb roosterfish and 40 lb dorado. You can catch these fish by using a regular fly rod or a common spinning rod. Either way, you’ll have the fun of your life.

This area is well-known as being one of the best fishing spots all year round, hence attracting lots of angling aficionados from all over the world.

Los Sueños Fishing Season

Costa Rica enjoys a year-round fishing season, the peak for marlin and sailfish being between December and June (the period of the year that corresponds to the tropical Gold season). Nevertheless, you’ll also find a marlin during the Green Season. There are people who have spotted even giants of over 750 lbs in these waters.

Los Sueños Resort and Marina has been home to fishing tournaments since 2004. Starting with 2014, it hosts the annual bill fishing competition, also known as the Triple Crown. During every January, February, and March, this competition attracts the biggest offshore anglers from all over the world. The one who gets the crown of the Series Champion will hold the bragging rights for the whole year and will earn a spot on the Wall of Champions at the Hook-Up. Are you ready to take part in this exciting competition? Pack your bags and come over!


Costa Rica has the ultimate goal to build the world’s finest custom fishing boat. Their boats are tested out of the Sportfishing Center in Los Sueños Resort and Marina. These boats are at sea each and every day, all year round. They are indeed built by true fishermen for the true fishermen out there.

There are people here who claim that fish are always biting in these waters of Costa Rica. Apparently, the Pacific Coast of this country is a paradise for anglers.

A fishing boat can score 1 -3 fish on average for each hour of fishing. During the peak season, this rate can reach 7 – 20 billfish per hour.

The fish bite all year round, during both the dry and the rainy seasons. As there’s very little wind in these areas, the sea is also calmer. The days with big waves that prevent fish from biting are quite rare. They are the exception rather than the rule.

The dry season is the peak season for billfish fishing. This spreads from January to March. As rains start, in early May, there’s the peak season for snapper and snook. Dorado, roosterfish, dolphinfish, and other species are caught all year round.

Sailfish in Costa Rica
Sailfish caught on near Los Suenos

This area is the place to be for all those who are passionate about sailfish and marlin offshore fishing. There are also inshore trips available. During the peak fishing season, it is common to release at least one or two marlins and even a dozen sailfish a day, almost every day.

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The yearly billfish tournament that takes place in mid-January in Los Sueños Marina makes the delight of passionate big game fish anglers. Some of them catch 200+ pound sailfish and huge marlin. This spot is already recognized as being one of the best in the world for sportfishing competitions.

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As this area is already very popular with fishermen, there are lots of fishing tours available. They cater to all styles and budgets. You can choose a luxury yacht and go fishing in style, or you can board a small fishing boat. You can even choose kayak fishing if this is what you like. While here, remember to save time to visit the Manuel Antonio National Park in Quepos, as it is one of the best things to see in Costa Rica.

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