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Costa Rica is widely renowned for having some of the best sports fishing in the world, and that reputation is well deserved! The saltwater fishing off Costa Rica’s coasts is extraordinary. Careful stewardship of the waters and excellent guides who have fished the waters for years lead to the perfect combination of a saltwater fishing paradise. There are many popular fish that are caught in large numbers off the coast, but few rival the amazing taste of the dorado, aka mahi-mahi or dolphin.

Dorado Fishing at Its Best

One of the things that really sticks out about mahi-mahi fishing in Costa Rica is that they are active year-round throughout many parts of Costa Rica. In other words, you have a great shot at limiting out whenever you head down to this tropical paradise, although the months of November, December, and January are times where the Dorado fishing is especially amazing!

Dorado fish caught in Costa Rica

Those are the months where you can catch dorado left and right. On the other hand if you want a shot at the truly trophy sized fish then you will want to take a look at traveling to the area in June and July. Those are the months where you need to work a bit more for the bites, but the really big ones come out and you have a fair shot at a trophy sized fish.

The Mahi-Mahi: A Spectacular Fish

While the three different common names can be a bit confusing for this fish to beginning saltwater anglers, there are a few things we can definitely agree upon. These are a beautiful, hard fighting fish that are also absolutely delicious. They have a distinctive appearance that really sets them apart. The bright yellow, blue, and green colors are not only an incredibly pretty combination but underwater they reflect off of the fish creating a “glow” that makes them really look like something special.

While the world record might be just short of 90 pounds, you’re doing great when you hit a bunch in the 36 inch long and 40 lb weight range. When you hit a school of these, you won’t be disappointed at not finding a world record. Trust us – the fight, the fun, and the delicious fried fish will be plenty to make for a truly incredible vacation.

A Perfect Sports Fish

Between the taste, the fight, and the fun of hooking several, many Costa Rica guides consider them a near-perfect sportfish. Even when searching for marlin, sailfish, and other larger harder to find species they love to hit a school or two of dorado to keep clients happy and have plenty of delicious fish to prepare that night and beyond.

There are many different ways to catch dorado which is another reason why they are so popular. Trolling, casting, and conventional fly use are all ways to get a dorado interested, and that means many different styles and techniques that can be used to find a fish loved for its hard fight, beautiful (and photogenic) appearance, and truly delicious meat!

Best Months – November, December, January
Best Months for big dorado – June, July

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